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New Arrival!

If I wasn’t mistaken I felt a bit of cool crispness in the southeast wind this morning; hints of autumn? Here we are in the middle of August, so overgrown, dry and brittle. How does that happen? The grass dries out and burns while the weeds are hardier than ever! Well, we did go to the fair and we did look at tractors and we did take the plunge and buy a brand, spanking new MF 1533 series from a great guy, James Kieferr of Kiefer Equipment. It’s beautiful! Don’t get me wrong our old Massey gave us 32 years of service. There were times when there was a lot of swearing going on when something or another would break down in the middle of something that HAD to be done yesterday. All in all, it was a work horse of a tractor. Kind of hard to see it go but it’s time for her to retire. We bought her used when we first came out to Litchfield. At first she was not only used in the garden but we used the brush hog to cut grass before we had a rider. She furrowed potatoes and fitted the soil. With the aide of a box hitched to the back we hauled wood. During the winder months out here you need something substantial to plow snow and she did that too without too much hesitation. Thanks for a job well done, Massey. We’re looking forward to the delivery of our new arrival this afternoon. This sweetheart has a front-end loader on it making these old bones rejoice. Of course this wouldn’t have been made possible without some financial help. Mom passed on earlier this year. She was a great woman from a big family that loved to play cards, party, can, bake and cook. She loved the garden and everything that went with it. Dementia consumed this lovely woman at the age of 89. She is at peace now. She left us a very small inheritance which has enabled us to afford this tractor without going into too much debt. She would have loved to see Massey II. Thanks Mom.

This week those luscious cherry tomatoes are here by the bushel! The eggplant, both the Fairytale and those lovely large, deep purple/black ones, are available. Also, tomatoes, beets, green peppers and Fingerlings are ready. Garlic varieties ready for market this week will be Music, Bogatyr, and Georgian Fire. Other varieties, also, if we can get them cleaned. Basil, dill, and parsley will be waiting to put the final garnish on any of your dishes, as well. Spend what’s left of this wonderful summer with us at the Countryside Farmers Market at Howe Meadow in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park every Saturday from 9-noon. Ask us to see pictures of our new “arrival!”