Garlic, garlic, everywhere

Looks like we’re about to start the yearly garlic cleaning. The “stinking rose” as some call it, was harvested from the fields about a month ago. We have quite a bit drying in our barn on racks as well as in our neighbor’s barn. Now comes the fun part! I use to sit and clean the stuff while seated on a hay wagon, meditating while listening to the radio in the shade of the barn in late August. It was very soothing and peaceful. That was back when garlic was only a prince. Now it’s king and we’ve got it in every spare nook to be found. So we decided we needed help. Thus the advent of the Garlic Cleaning Pary! Anyone that’s willing to show up and clean for a few hours is treated to pizza, beer, lots of laughs, music, an occational toss in the pool, and of course, GARLIC! We roast several varieties then spread the pungent stuff on French bread and critique our harvest. Usually, the party goes into the night with little garlic being cleaned past the itital couple of hours but we do get a few hundred pounds cleaned and everyone has a great end of the summer blowout!
Don’t forget to come see us at the Countryside Farmers Mkt. every Sat., from 9 ’til noon at Howe Meadow in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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