To Everything There is a Season

It looks like it’s been some time since our last post. So much has happened in a little less than a year. Where can I start? Yes, we are still farming. It’s been a tough year. Our much loved brother-in-law passed to the other side after a very long struggle with ALS. What a devastating disease. He knew up to the very end that his body could no longer function but his mind was just as alert as ever. We all had been friends and relatives for over 40 years. A much loved and very close cousin passed next. We had not seen him for two years and had no idea he was coping with Pancreatic cancer. In less than two weeks after the diagnosis he was gone from us. We miss his humor and his interest in all things. He was more like a brother to us.
There were many moves this year. No, we are still in Litchfield but the kids have graduated and moved from one apartment to another. Or taken new jobs in other cities across the nation which, if you are a parent ALWAYS involves you either physically or monetarily! But it’s all good. Then of course there was the cold, drizzly spring. This is the time of year when most gardeners/farmers look forward to new birth in the soil. This year we all had to wait a bit. It took some time but all in all we are catching up. The garden somehow always gets in and the harvest somehow always is made. Large or small, it’s like the loaves and fishes. There is always enough. Right now the garlic is drying in the barn waiting the annual “Luschek Garlic Cleaning Party!” Seems like word has gotten around with the help of our nephew, Mike Hemery’s first book,
No Permanent Scars, to be on the “A” list for this event! It’s lots of dirty, stinky work. For some reason good friends and relatives make it a fun day.
Our great Medina Co. Fair opened this week also. So don’t miss out on the cotton candy, waffles, tractor pulls, animals, all the sights and sounds (and smells) of a good old fashion county fair if you’re out this way.
All the trials, sorrows and disappointments give way to good times as well. We will miss our departed relatives sorely but focusing on all the good that is gleaned each morning as we rise, gives way to new seasons of growth and thankfulness. We are taught through death there is life. Just as a seed grows, we too grew from nothing, passed through this earthly phase and returned to dust, as plants grow flourish and become one with the earth when the harvest is over. To everything there is a season.
Don’t forget to visit us at the Countryside Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9 ‘til noon. Over 50 vendors; eggs, chickens, produce, soap, honey, coffee, and so much more. Don’t let the summer slip by with out coming on down to the Cuyahoga National Park’s Countryside Farmers Market!


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