October Skies

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the soybeans in the local fields were just turning copper brown. The corn stalks were standing straight and tall like soldiers going into battle just waiting for the International Havester or the John Deere combine to mow them down. With such dry weather around here, the farmers have been able to harvest both the soy beans and the corn. Sometimes the corn stands for months while the earth freezes hard for harvesting but not this year. The fields around our place are barren now. The combines have taken their toll. The harvest has been hauled off in gravity wagons or semis to the elevator or the grain bins. Now begins the fitting of the soil for next year. Very often it is laid fallow or planted with winter wheat. The skies have been mostly a clear blue azure for the most part this October. It has been a mild fall. At night old Orion is becoming more and more the dominate fixture in the sky, fortelling of winter just around the corner. Our wood is stacked on the patio in the back, thanks to a great friend, Greg. The larder is getting full as well as the freezer. Hunkering down and putting up stores for the long winter nights.
Markets continue at Howe Meadow for a few more weeks when after that they will be indoors at Old Trail School, not far from Howe Meadow. See Countryside Farmers Market for further times. Take advantage of the plethera of the harvest from many vendors at the market. Come celebrate autumn!

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