Into the Fields

This time of year always reminds me of a hymn by Dan Schutte, S.J. taken here from Glory and Praise, 1984.

The fields are high and summer’s days are few; green fields have turned to gold.
The time is here for the harvesting, for gathering home into barns.
The seeds were sown by other hands than yours; nurtured and cared for they grew.
But those who have sown will not harvest them; the reaping will not be their care.
The harest is plenty; laborers are few.
Come with me into the fields.
Your arms may grow weary; your shoes will wear thin… Come with me into the fields……

Come to the Howe Meadow in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to partake of the bounty of the fields every Saturday from 9 ’til noon.

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