Tomato Time

If I wasn’t mistaken, I felt a bit of cool crispness in the wind this morning; hints of autumn? The calendar says August but already the crops are saying “harvest.” That can only mean one thin. Fall is on its way. Late summer titillates the senses with the aroma of fresh cut hay lying on the fields. The leaves have already started to fall from our nut trees, always the first leaves of spring and the first to fall. The sounds of school buses dotting the roadways takes me back to many of my first days back behind the desk. I remember lying in bed the night before school started in September after summer vacation, listening to the crickets chirp and feeling very anxious. What room am I in? What will my teacher be like? Will my new shoes hurt after going barefoot all summer? Later on; will I remember my lock combination? All the questions were resolved within 24 hours. Just as nature takes its course and summer bursts into the brilliant colors of fall, the cycle of the year continue. The cycle of life goes on.

This week the needed rains brought a collective *sigh* from the crops. It will be tomato tasting day at the market on Saturday. Among other varieties we will have First Lady, Nyagous, Estiva, Dafel, Green Zebra, Black Zebra, Valencia and Paragon to taste. We also have a list of the different varieties of cherry tomatoes that are available in case you are interested. It seems those lovely little sweeter than sweet yellow Autumn Golds are fast becoming everyone’s favorite cherry tomato. Eggplant, French Fingerling potatoes, green peppers, red cabbage, Acorn Squash and Basil will also be available for sale. Our onions are out of the ground and cooling their heels in our barn for about another week or so but should be ready very soon. We hope to see you at the Countryside Farmers Market held at Howe Meadow in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park every Saturday from 9-noon. Come to the market and taste the fullness of the season in Ohio’s official fruit, the brilliant, luscious, tomato!

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